For everyone who ever told someone to go kill them selves, there not worth it or any comment like that in person or behind a phone or computer, please, go fuck yourself. Those comments hurt. People take them seriously. My friend, I have a strong feeling he has died last night. He told me he just wanted to die. He won’t update tumblr, read or reply to text messages or anything that proves he’s still with us. I messaged him MANY times. I hope and pray that he is still alive. He answers me sometime today. I can’t even go see him, he’s across the world from me, but he still feels like the only one who cares about me, and I care a whole fucking lot about him. maxshelter if you are still here, please, I beg of you, please, answer me, remember everything thing you have ever said to me, everything I have said to you, I meant everything I said, i know you mean everything you said. So please, for my sake, please still be alive.

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